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Memorygram Legacy Book

Memorygram Legacy Book

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For mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and for you!

Memorygram is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to tell stories about life, record lessons learned and share them with family and friends.

We make it fun, easy and affordable to tell your life story. Get started today!

Your purchase includes:

  1. A login to our digital storytelling website to begin selecting questions, writing stories and uploading photos. The login can allow for someone else to assign and manage questions (example: daughter assigns questions and mother replies with her stories and photos). The login will be delivered via email upon purchase and you can assign the login to anyone including mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or any loved one.
  2. One hardcover book with free shipping.
  3. Full customization of the book cover.
  4. Order additional books anytime.
  5. Add an additional storyteller anytime to contribute to the same book.


What book length is best for me? 40, 100, 200 or 300 pages?

An average Memorygram book is 200 pages but it all depends on how many questions you want to answer and how long your stories are! Below are some examples:

40 pages is about 15 questions & 1-2 photos per question

100 pages is about 30 questions & 1-2 photos per question

200 pages is about 50 questions & 1-2 photos per question

Most customers choose 200 pages and you can add more pages as you write!

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How We Work!

"This Book Made My Grandma Cry"

I got this book as a gift for my grandma. I secretly asked her questions every month without telling her why. After I finised the book I made 12 copies for my entire family! Grandma cries every time she reads it in front of me and I look like the #1 Granddaughter!!
- Jessica P.


What is included in a purchase?

A login to our website to manage weekly questions and design the book. Also, one hardcover book with free shipping. The book is color exterior and B&W interior. You may upgrade to all color for $39 once your book is ready.

Can I add more than one storyteller?

After your purchase, you will be able to add storytellers (example: both Mom and Dad) within your account for $35 each. They can all contribute to the same book.

How quickly can I answer questions?

You can set questions to be emailed more or less frequently based on preference. You can also login and work at their own pace.

Can I edit my stories and photos later?

Memorygram allows the user to login and add, edit, or rearrange stories and photos at any time.

Can I customize the book cover?

You can select from our variety of cover templates and add text and photos of your choice to make the book truly yours.

Can I order additional books?

You may order additional copies once your book is ready or anytime after. Save $10 a book by ordering them now! Buy at this link