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Memorygram Legacy Book: Christmas In July Sale Price - Includes Professional Proofread

Memorygram Legacy Book: Christmas In July Sale Price - Includes Professional Proofread

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Buy our Christmas In July sale price to save on our legacy book and $5 off additional copies to share with family and friends! 

We include free professional proofreading on our industry-leading, all-color Memorygram books.

Record life stories in a beautiful book to pass on for generations.

For Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and for you!

The most unique and thoughtful gift.

Where you will learn stories and facts you never knew about your loved one.

Writing an autobiography or professional memoir can cost thousands of dollars. Memorygram makes it fun, easy and affordable to tell your life story. Get started today!

A purchase includes:

  1. A login to our digital storytelling website to begin selecting questions, writing stories and uploading photos. You will enter the storyteller's information and start date after your purchase.
  2. One all-color hardcover book with free shipping. 
  3. Full customization of the book cover.

Additional details:

  1. You may send Memorygram as a gift to anyone including Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, or any loved one. 
  2. After you purchase, you can start immediately or schedule a delivery date.
  3. We allow someone else to select questions (example: daughter selects questions for Mom, and Mom answers with her stories and photos). This is a great bonding experience.
  4. You may add an additional storyteller to contribute to the same book (example: Mom and Dad both answer questions and write their book together).
  5. Your book can be up to 450 pages. That's about 60 questions with photos.
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Buy Additional Copies Today and Save $5 per book

Our Memorygram books are bound with the highest quality materials. They are a great gift for the entire family and most of our writers buy additional copies. 

  • Share the legacy with friends & family
  • Be the talk of the family¬†
  • Pass stories for generations
  • Most people buy 3-5 books

Instant Delivery with No Shipping Required or Schedule Your Gift Date

Upon purchase, Memorygram delivers instantly allowing you to start your book today and gift immediately OR you may schedule your gift to deliver at a special date, occasion, or holiday. 

This allows you to take¬†advantage of our sale now or if you are running late on someone's birthday, it's the perfect last minute gift ūüėÉ

Our Books

Crafted with the finest materials and custom-designed covers, our stylish hardcover books are built to last a lifetime. With industry-leading quality, our books feature full-color interior and exterior, ensuring a visually stunning product you will be proud to pass on.

We originally published in 6x9 inch US trade size but are now transitioning to a larger full letter 8.5×11 inch size. You can request your size when your book goes to print at no additional cost!

USA Owned and Operated

We are the only Storytelling platform in our category fully owned and operated within the USA.

About Us

How We Work!

"This Book Made My Grandma Cry"

I got this book as a gift for my grandma. I secretly asked her questions every month without telling her why. After I finised the book I made 12 copies for my entire family! Grandma cries every time she reads it in front of me and I look like the #1 Granddaughter!!
- Jessica P.


What is included in a purchase?

A login to our website to manage weekly questions and design the book. Also, one all-color hardcover book with free shipping. 

How big are the books?

We originally published in 6x9 inch US trade size but are now transitioning to a larger full letter 8.5×11 inch size. You can request your size when your book goes to print at no additional cost!

Our books are industry leading with color interior and exterior.

Can I add more than one storyteller?

After your purchase, you will be able to add storytellers (example: both Mom and Dad) within your account for $50 each. They can all contribute to the same book.

How quickly can I answer questions?

You can set questions to be emailed more or less frequently based on preference. You can also login and work at your own pace.

Can I edit my stories and photos later?

Memorygram allows the user to login and add or edit stories and photos at any time.

Can I customize the book cover?

You can select from our variety of cover templates and add text and photos of your choice to make the book truly yours.

How does proofreading work?

When you're ready to print your book, please contact us at, and we'll schedule a proofreading session with one of our in-house writing experts.

Can I order additional books?

You may order additional copies once your book is ready or anytime after. Save $5 a book by ordering them now! Buy at this link

What is your return and exchange policy?

We are happy to offer a 7 day risk free money back guarantee from the date of your purchase. Please email us at with your request and we will process your refund as long as no books are printed. Printed books are custom and cannot be returned or exchanged. This policy excludes special offers.

Do you ship internationally?

We now ship our books outside of the US. Many countries are no additional shipping charge (Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the UK are no additional charge) but please contact us at for specific pricing.

How does the audiobook work?

When you place your order, you have the option for Memorygram to create an audiobook version of the Legacy Book. Once your Legacy Book is complete, we take the text from the book and create an audiobook version with professional narration for $49. You can share the audiobook file with anyone you like!

How does the digital copy work?

You can order a digital copy of your book so your stories last forever! You can open in any browser and share with friends as a PDF. We offer this for $19.99.

Are there any recurring fees?

There are no recurring fees. We don't run ads on our platform, share personal information or engage in intrusive practices. That is engrained in our culture and part of our ethos here at Memorygram in Austin, TX.