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Memorygram Medallion: Mother's Day Sale Price - Includes Free Virtual Memorial

Memorygram Medallion: Mother's Day Sale Price - Includes Free Virtual Memorial

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  • Personalized
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made In Texas

Take advantage of our Mother's Day Sale and save on our Medallions. Buy in bulk to share with the family and save even more.

This exquisitely crafted medallion features a personalized QR code that links to a Virtual Memorial where you can share cherished memories, photos and videos.

Our medallion is weather-proof for outdoor use and equally beautiful placed inside the home where you can scan and have a moment with your loved one.

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How It Works

Place At Their Memorial

Place the medallion on a gravestone or indoor memorial next to the urn.

Scan The Medallion

Scan the medallion and it will open to the Virtual Memorial you created.

Memorialize Their Legacy

Visitors can scan to view their bio, photos, videos, and with your permission, share a memory.


What is a Memorygram Medallion?

A weather-proof, 4 inch by 4 inch, aluminum heart engraved with your loved one's name, birth year, year of passing and a unique QR code.

This QR code links to a Virtual Memorial built by you where you can share historical information, memories, accomplishments, videos and photos.

How do I use a Memorygram Medallion?

Simply scan the QR code on the medallion using a smartphone or QR code scanner. This will direct you to the Virtual Memorial where you can view and share memories.

What’s included with a purchase?

  1. A 4 inch by 4 inch weather proof aluminum heart customized with the name, birth year and year of passing.
  2. A Virtual Memorial you can edit at anytime.
  3. A lifetime warranty on both the Medallion and the Virtual Memorial.
  4. Heavy duty weather-proof 3M adhesive patch for outdoor placement.
  5. A stand for indoor placement.
  6. Customer support to assist with setup and ongoing questions.

What does the Virtual Memorial include?

  1. A biography
  2. Photo gallery
  3. Video gallery
  4. An obituary link
  5. Location information
  6. An interactive tribute section for others to leave a message including pictures and videos to the Virtual Memorial. You have control on whether others can leave a tribute.
  7. Public or private mode

How does photo and video upload work?

We allow direct upload of photos and videos to the Virtual Memorial. Your medallion has unlimited storage and no recurring fees!

Can I update the content on the Virtual Memorial?

Yes, you can update the content on the Virtual Memorial at any time, allowing you to add new memories and photos.

Are there any recurring fees?

There are no recurring fees. Your Medallion purchase includes your Virtual Memorial forever. We don't run ads on our platform, share personal information or engage in intrusive practices. That is engrained in our culture and part of our ethos here at Memorygram in Austin, TX.

Shipping and warranty

  • Upon purchase, you will receive a link to build the Virtual Memorial. During this time, we will prepare your order and ship to your destination.
  • As each medallion is custom made with name, birth year and year of passing, please allow 1-3 days for fulfillment. If time is of the essence due to a funeral or memorial service, please email us at and we can rush order.
  • Our medallions are shipped from Austin, TX with free domestic shipping. Tracking will be provided via email once the shipment is sent.
  • We stand behind our product and offer a lifetime warranty. If there are any defects, damages or wear and tear, we will replace the medallion at no additional cost.
  • As each medallion is custom made, we are unable to accept returns.
  • If there are any issues with your medallion, please contact us at

Note: As each medallion is custom made to order, there might be slight variations in each.

Can this be used for pets? 

Yes! Many of our customers create medallions and Virtual Memorials for both humans and pets. Our Virtual Memorial is built for both.