About Us

Happy to be in Texas, Happy to be helping people!

In the heart of Memorygram lies a tale of two childhood friends: Paul and Larry with a shared dream.

As we grew older we watched loved one's pass around us, and saw memories lost forever. Amazing stories, family traditions, life lessons and even cooking recipes. 

Spurred by a passion to keep these memories alive, we embarked on a mission to create a space where stories weren’t just told but preserved - thus, Memorygram was born. 

Memorygram's mission is simple: record and preserve precious memories.

At Memorygram, we understand the bond of families and the stories that knit them together. Whether it's the laughter echoing from a long-past family vacation, the pride in a grandparent’s tale of times we cannot comprehend, or the simple joy of everyday moments, we are committed to ensuring these stories endure. With us, your family’s history isn’t just remembered; it’s immortalized, ready to be passed on for generations.

Our platform is a testament to the importance of history and the irreplaceable feeling of holding tangible memories. Customers can easily select from a range of thought-provoking questions, prompting them to delve deep into their past. As they journey down memory lane, they’re encouraged to share not just their stories but also the photographs that capture these fleeting moments. The culmination of this journey is a beautifully crafted hardcover book - a treasure trove of personal narratives and cherished photographs.

Join us, and let’s preserve loved one's memories together.

-Paul and Larry

We always welcome your feedback on Memorygram. 

Email: hello@memorygram.com

Postal address: 3571 Far W Blvd. Austin, TX 78731