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Memorygram Software Usage (No Book Included) - For Rix's Memoir Seminar

Memorygram Software Usage (No Book Included) - For Rix's Memoir Seminar

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Please Note: This purchase is for Rix's Memoir Workshop. It includes 1 year of access to Memorygram platform to build a book. It does not include a book, but you will be able to order a book within our platform.

Record life stories in a beautiful book to pass on for generations.

For Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and for you!

The most unique and thoughtful gift.

Where you will learn stories and facts you never knew about your loved one.

Writing an autobiography or professional memoir can cost thousands of dollars. Memorygram makes it fun, easy and affordable to tell your life story. Get started today!

A purchase includes:

  1. A login to our digital storytelling website to begin selecting questions, writing stories and uploading photos. You will enter the storyteller's information and start date after your purchase.
  2. Ability to preview what your book will look like as you write it. 

Additional details:

  1. You may send Memorygram as a gift to anyone including Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, or any loved one. 
  2. After you purchase, you can start immediately or schedule a delivery date.
  3. We allow someone else to select questions (example: daughter selects questions for Mom, and Mom answers with her stories and photos). This is a great bonding experience.
  4. You may add an additional storyteller to contribute to the same book (example: Mom and Dad both answer questions and write their book together).
  5. Your book can be up to 450 pages. That's about 60 questions with photos.
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Instant Delivery with No Shipping Required or Schedule Your Gift Date

Upon purchase, Memorygram delivers instantly allowing you to start your book today and gift immediately OR you may schedule your gift to deliver at a special date, occasion, or holiday. 

This allows you to take advantage of our holiday sale now or if you are running late on someone's birthday, it's the perfect last minute gift 😃

Our Books

Crafted with the finest materials and custom-designed covers, our stylish hardcover books are built to last a lifetime. With industry-leading quality, our books feature full-color interior and exterior, ensuring a visually stunning product you will be proud to pass on.

USA Owned and Operated

We are the only Storytelling platform in our category fully owned and operated within the USA.

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"This Book Made My Grandma Cry"

I got this book as a gift for my grandma. I secretly asked her questions every month without telling her why. After I finised the book I made 12 copies for my entire family! Grandma cries every time she reads it in front of me and I look like the #1 Granddaughter!!
- Jessica P.


How quickly can I answer questions?

You can set questions to be emailed more or less frequently based on preference (weekly/daily/bi-weekly). You can also login and work at your own pace.

Can I edit my stories and photos later?

Memorygram allows the user to login and add or edit stories and photos at any time.