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1. Purchase Memorygram:
Purchase today and immediately begin the process to setup your Legacy Book storyteller account. Memorygram will guide you through each step.

2. Receive Two Weekly Questions:
Receive two thoughtfully crafted questions each week. These questions help you reflect on your life experiences, memories, and milestones.

Tell Your Stories

3. Document Your Stories:
Answer the questions by sharing your stories and photos. Memorygram provides easy-to-use tools to help you customize each response.

4. Craft Your Book:
As you answer each question, Memorygram compiles your responses & photos into a professionally designed book. Each chapter builds on the last, creating and heartfelt narrative. Chapters can be re-arranged anytime.

Customize & Ship Your Book

5. Customize The Cover:
Customize your book cover with a photo, title and author in our easy-to-use software.

6. Send Your Book To Print:
Send your book to print by December 1st to receive and share with the family by Christmas time. Order as many copies as you like to share with the family!

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