Do you believe opposites attract?

Do you believe opposites attract?

At Memorygram, we are lucky enough to have our customers share their stories with our community blog and how Memorygram had an impact on them. Here is a story shared to the community by Thomas in Utah.

Question: Do you believe opposites attract?

I was an introverted bookworm, often lost in tales of adventures and mysteries. Sarah, on the other hand, was this vibrant, outgoing soul who could strike up a conversation with just about anyone. We met at a local bookstore, where I was engrossed in a novel, and she was, predictably, laughing heartily with the shopkeeper over some anecdote. As fate would have it, she approached me, struck by the contrast between her lively interaction and my quiet reading. Our conversation began with her teasingly referring to my reading spot as the "dullest corner" of the store. From that remark, our worlds collided.

The magic between Sarah and me was palpable, fueled by our differences. While I'd immerse myself in stories of old, she'd pull me out to dance in the rain. She taught me to find joy in spontaneity, and I showed her the beauty in stillness. Our love story was filled with moments of unexpected laughter and deep understanding. It felt like two pieces of a puzzle fitting perfectly, not despite but because of our differences.


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